Mortgage Refinance

Get Started with your Mortgage Refinance– Because financing has become so streamlined and inexpensive, people tend to refinance their mortgage more frequently. There are various reasons to do so:

  1. Lower your monthly payment
  2. Take cash out from the equity in your home
  3. Shorten or lengthen the term of your home
  4. Extend the term of your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage at a similar rate
    (i.e. convert your 5/1 ARM into a 6/1 ARM)

Whatever your situation, be sure to check with your CFS mortgage refinance consultant to determine the best loan program at the most affordable price. Oftentimes, we will be able to offer you below market pricing and costs.

Speak Directly with a Mortgage Refinance Consultant

To fill out an online application, click here, or to speak directly with a mortgage consultant, please call us at 312.642.7979, or email us at

A mortgage consultant will contact you within regular business hours.