Home Purchase

Get Started – Whether you are purchasing your first home, or second, we can help structure a loan program that is best suited to your needs. If this is your first home purchase, congratulations! This is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime.

Here’s How CFS Can Help You with a Home Purchase:

Pre-qualify you for a home loan.

Over the phone we can review your financial condition and then issue a pre-qualification letter that will satisfy a seller or agent when making an offer to purchase.

Run your credit report.

This will give us a clear view of your current debt structure and will also reveal your Fair Isaac & Co. (FICO) credit scores, which are important factors in the underwriting process.
Home Purchase

Pre-approve your home purchase loan application.

Under most circumstances, with your initial application taken over the phone, we can obtain an immediate indication from the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) or the Federal Home Mortgage Loan Corporation (Freddie Mac), as to the eligibility of your loan. With their endorsements, you can be sure that your loan will go straight through to closing.

We will also provide you with as many borrowing scenarios as possible through a complete choice of loan products. You will receive a full explanation regarding how each loan operates, and we will help you compare and contrast different options, giving you a recommendation and competitive quote for each type. After this, we will review and explain the closing costs associated with your loan and provide you with a Good Faith Estimate.

All of the above services are offered to you at no cost or obligation.

Speak Directly with a Mortgage Consultant

To fill out an online application, click here, or to speak directly with a mortgage consultant, please call us at 312.642.7979, or email us at info@olga-plenkina.com.

A mortgage consultant will contact you within regular business hours.